The Barrow Foundation

The Barbara A. Barrow Foundation seeks to develop a growing list of scholars who will clearly benefit from the unique advantages afforded at the College and who would likely have come to the attention of Miss B. Since the Foundation began in 1994, the students selected have made conspicuous contributions to College life in academics, athletics and the arts.

Upon graduation, Barrow Scholars are asked to become Members of the Foundation. This group meets regularly to reconnect with one another and is responsible for the annual election of Trustees, who oversee the direction of the Foundation, as it seeks to perpetuate the contribution begun by Miss B in her role as school nurse many years ago.

The Foundation is a Canadian charity, registered as a private foundation (#88784 3860 RC). The capital fund was established, under Miss B’s direction by her solicitor, Terence Wardrop ’48, and has been increased since her death by further donations offered in her memory.

Financial contributions, including securities, planned gifts (Bequests, Life Insurance & Annuities) can be arranged through the College. UCC maintains registered charities in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Board of Trustees:

Chairman:Lincoln Caylor ‘87
Trustees:Tim Carter ’58 (Past Chairman)
Brian Conacher ‘61
Innes Van Nostrand ’82
Tim Wilson ‘88
J.P. Mackay ‘02
Honorary Chairman Emeritus:Terence Wardrop ’48
Past Trustees and/or Members:Dr. David Watt ’48 (Founding Chairman)
Dan Gibson ‘40
Gordon Bacque ’48
Edward Peppler ‘50
Patrick T. Johnson