Barbara A. Barrow

Barbara Barrow was born in 1908 in Edmonton, but moved with her family at age sixteen when her father began his duties as doctor in the Athabasca River country of northern Alberta. In 1933, she graduated from the Ottawa General Hospital and practiced nursing on the Hobbema Native Reserve. Later, she pursued graduate studies at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children before joining the staff at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Montreal.

At thirty years of age, Barbara began her fifty-six year relationship with Upper Canada College, filling the position of school nurse under Principal Terry MacDermot. 'Miss B', as she affectionately became known, continued in that capacity from 1938 to 1980, ministering to thousands of students suffering from illness or athletic injury. The strong bonds which she developed with her boys were vividly displayed by the countless numbers who maintained close ties long after their days at the College. From her retirement as nurse, almost to her death in 1994, she managed an Old Boys Office and continued to write a regular column in the Old Times.

Former Principal J. Douglas Blakey best described Miss B in his eulogy at her funeral service: "Miss B exemplified the finest qualities of the human spirit – of love, of compassion, of loyalty, and most of all, of an inspired selflessness which, for us, was beyond emulation."